Ila Castella
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Mermaids don’t cry

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A sweet and mysterious artificial dream.

❝We deliver the finest creations—illustrations and accessories from the dark side to you. We present a world of creepy cute, decadence fashion.❞

Ila is an illustrator based in Toronto that creates dreamy illustrations, often combines Japanese and North America pop fashion scene in her work. "Ila" is a personality created, and "Castella" is a Japanese sponge cake made of sugar flour egg and starch syrup.

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Ila Castella at the Fantasia Exhibition

The Exhibition is held on the September 19 – November 19, 2019 at Joshua Creek Heritage Art Centre.

This exhibition brings to you an experience of fantasy, otherworldly, alchemy, the unknown, and imagination by rising artists from Sheridan.

“Mermaids don’t cry”

The enchanted teardrops in the water realm

They were told not to cry in front of a human soul,

or their shimmering body will turn to foam, 

the water spirits of the realm.

Souls that prey on their teardrops,

is a key that implies a fearful enchantment inside--

to open the door of immortality,

the door to an endless spiral.

- Showcasing at Joshua Creek Heritage Art Centre. Mermaids don’t cry, 16x20”, digital and mix media, $300.


gaze inside the haze in the night garden

Do not gaze inside the haze,

where violet fruits blooms in a night garden...

or else your soul will be devoured into--

the tangled mist and burning ashes

an ignite 

that dominates and endlessly reforms itself 

you have entered the terrene of the fire spirits.

- Showcasing at Joshua Creek Heritage Art Centre. Endless, 16x20”, digital and mix media, $300.


Made with Artificial Sweetness.

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